ICYMI: River Road Recipes I Featured in inRegister Magazine!

In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite community cookbook, River Road Recipes I, was featured in this month’s issue of inRegister, “a monthly lifestyle magazine that covers the people, places, style and entertainment that make the Capital Region an extraordinary place to live.” While marveling at some of the more exotic recipes in River Road Recipes I (like our Squirrel Pie!), inRegister joins us in celebrating this venerable cookbook’s 80th reprint, calling it “a testament to the generational power of a home-cooked meal.”

“The cookbook has four different versions now, but the fact that the original has maintained such status in Louisiana is really special,” says current River Road Recipes chair Jessica McVea, quoted in the article. “It’s still a traditional gift for engagement parties or bridal showers in the South, almost like a rite of passage.”

Photo by Melissa Oivanki, inRegister March 2017 issue.

So, cheers to you, our old-guard original! You’ve never looked better.

Be sure to check out the original article in inRegister here and sign up to receive your monthly edition of inRegister to stay au courant about all the very best of Baton Rouge!

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