Provisionals’ Corner

Throughout the year, River Road Recipes helps represent the Junior League of Baton Rouge at a wide variety of events in our community – from local farmers’ markets, to the Louisiana Book Festival, to Hollydays, and many more. At these events, we like to offer samples of some of our favorite recipes from the River Road Recipes cookbook collection. Here you can find simple, step by step instructions for preparing what we like to call our “Standard Recipes” for these events, as well as answers to FAQs, or frequently asked questions, about various recipes and ingredients. Still have questions or need extra help? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and don’t forget to share pictures of your finished recipes with us using the hashtag #RiverRoadRecipes on Facebook and Instagram!

RRR Standard Recipes


Party Mix, RRR I,  p. 227

Lemon Drop Cookies, RRR I, p. 195

Chocolate Fudge Turtles, RRR I, p. 212

Iced Spiced Tea, RRR II, p. 23

Potato Chip Cookies, RRR II, p. 210

Pecan Pie Muffins, RRR IV, p. 100

Fool’s Toffee, RRR IV, p. 234

Pepper Jelly Cheese Pâté, RRR IV, p. 170

Bacon Cheese Spread, RRR IV, p. 131

Black Bean Salad, RRR IV, p. 274