Welcome to the River Road Recipes Cookbook Blog! The 2016-2017 League year is a historic year for both the Junior League of Baton Rouge and the River Road Recipes Cookbook Collection. This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Junior League of Baton Rouge, and this fall we look forward to celebrating the 80th reprint of the original River Road Recipes: A Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine!

Each year, the President of the Junior League picks a theme that sets the tone for the upcoming League year. The 2016-2017 theme is “It’s Your League, Love It!” Along those same lines, the River Road Recipes cookbooks are YOUR community cookbooks, love them! The beauty of the River Road Recipes collection is that the timeless recipes in them reflect the soul of our community. Times do change, however, and with them, so does our community. In order to keep up with the evolving times, the River Road Recipes Cookbook Committee began this Blog in 2015 with the hope of providing a way for us to connect personally with our neighbors – both near and far – who share our passion for this historic community cookbook collection.

This year, in the spirit of “It’s Your League, Love It!” we hope to expand upon our original goal by connecting the River Road Recipes cookbook collection to today’s Junior League. Each month we will be highlighting a different community project that the League is participating in throughout our community, as well as featuring a recipe that we hope captures the essence of that community project. We also hope you will get to know some of our Junior League members better through our monthly “Member Spotlight” posts, where you will have the opportunity to not only to meet some of today’s Junior League leaders, but also hear a little about what the River Road Recipes collection means to them.

As always, thank you for loving our cookbooks and helping contribute to the massive success that is over 1.4 million copies sold and 80 editions of River Road Recipes: A Textbook of Louisiana Cuisine over the course of the last 57 years. Our cookbook sales have helped fund countless projects that have bettered the Greater Baton Rouge community. With your continued love and support, we cannot wait to see what we can do in our community in the next 57 years!


The 2016-2017 River Road Recipes Committee